Classic Sleek Lob


The long bob haircut or lob is hugely popular beause it’s a flattering, easy hairstyle that’s not too long or too short.

Shoulder length hair is highly versatile, and can easily be styled up or down, with braids, a bun, curls or waves. And since it flatters all face shapes and works with all hair types, everyone can wear it.

The length and shape can easily be tailored by adding bangs, fringe or layers to make it complement your facial features and styling preferences.

DESIGNLINE Expandability Blow Dry Gel


Apply DESIGNLINE Expandability Blow Dry Gel to damp hair, then blow dry while pulling hair away from the roots with a large round brush to create smoothness and volume. Use a smaller round brush to gently curl the ends under. Hold it in place with DESIGNLINE Stand Still Ultimate Finisher.


For a second look, try beachy waves: Apply DESIGNLINE Weightless Thermal Primer to damp hair and blow dry, scrunching and massaging hair to create messy texture and volume. Once hair is dry, use a 2-inch barrel curling iron on small sections, holding the wand vertically to create soft, big waves. Run fingers through hair to break up the curls. Flip head over, spray on DESIGNLINE Texture Tousle Flexible Finisher and scrunch the ends to the roots. Facing upright, continue to scrunch and shape into a tosseled beachy style.

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