Clipper Fade


This is a clipper fade with a very tight side and nape area. It's blended up to create length at the top. The front hairline is squared off using trimmers to create the strong lines in the style.

Clipper fade refers to the use of a clipper with or without guards. Taking hair close to the skin helps to enhance the shape of the head, while fading into the nape and sideburns give a polished finish to the shape.

Guys should have this cut trimmed up every 2-3 weeks. Whether fine or thick textured hair, you can keep it looking clean cut—with sharp lines—when it’s maintained regularly. Using styling oil helps to keep the scalp moisturized and maintain shine in the hair.

All face shapes can wear this clean fade. Square the nape of the neck to make longer necks proportionate. Round off the nape to elongate shorter necks. This style works for all hair types and textures, but works exceptionally well on thick, coarse hair.


Finish style on dry hair with a drop of DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Restoring Oil.

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