Hairstyles For Men

From the usual to a whole new you, Signature Style salons offer the latest looks and on-trend cuts.
Graduated Taper Cut
Graduated Taper

This not-too-short, not-too-long style is shaped for a perfectly casual look.

Classic Taper Haircut
Casual Classic Taper

This men’s taper cut is created by over-directing the front and top to give a clean, full look.

Clipper Fade Haircut
Clipper Fade

This is a clipper fade with a very refined, tightly cropped side and nape area.

Classic Taper Haircut
Classic Taper

Leaving it longer on top allows for many styling options.

Modern Taper Haircut
Modern Taper

It is clean cut around the ears with fullness on top for a polished look.