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The Cost Cutters Advsiory Council Call was held on Janaury 19, 2017.

Notes from the meeting have been posted.


The annual Stylist Appreciation Day is just around the corner, and we want to help make it easier to celebrate your stylists. We know stylists generally are quite creative and visual, and therefore have developed some design materials for your use.

Attached are several images you are invited to save and share. These images were designed by the Regis creative team, inspired by our HAIR values, with the goal to show our stylists how much they mean to us during this important occasion.

Examples of use:

  • Update your email signature this week to include one of the images
  • Share these images on your salon's social media pages with your own statement about how much you appreciate your stylists
  • Print off the images and pot them in your salon's break room this week.

We would love to hear what you're doing to celebrate your stylists. Please send pictures, comments and videos to so we can feature your efforts in an upcoming Friday email.

Stylist Appreciation Image 1

Stylist Appreciation Image 2

Stylist Appreciation Image 3


Weekly Email 4/7/2017

Weekly Email 3/31/2017

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Tips & Trick to Assessing Your Salon

Greetings, The March Edition of Your Franchise Connection is ready to view. This month's episode focuses on planning for future success by assessing your salon and creating action plans. If you have any questions, or ideas for future episodes, please let us know at

Click on the Watch Video button below to learn more

Episode One - Recruiting

Episode Two - Digital Marketing

Episode Three - Retention

Episode Four - Onboarding

Episode Five - Pay Plans

Episode Six - Holiday Retail Recommendations

Episode Seven - 2017 Your Franchise Connections

Episode Eight - Practical Approach to Guest Education


The Promise is the Cost Cutters Guest Service Program. There are many tools to help train your staff in providing excellent Guest Service to you guests.

It is recommended that The Promise Poster, Recognition Cards, and Pocket Guide are printed professionally.

The Promise Leader's Guide

The Promise Participant's Guide

The Promise Observation Checklist

The Promise Poster (Printed on 80# glosscover paper)

The Promise Recognition Card (Printed on 80# cover, uncoated stock)

The Promise Pocket Guide (Printed on 100# gloss cover - lamiated if possible)



We are excited to announce Google is partnering with Cost Cutters in a special pilot program!

Google has selected Cost Cutters for a pilot program testing Google beacons in our salons. These beacons are battery powered Bluetooth devices (about the size of a quarter) that will be placed in salons (typically on the ceiling in a non-obtrusive locations) and will help Cost Cutters track how paid and organic Google searches are driving in-salon visits. These beacons are FREE and give the Cost Cutters brand an advantage over competitors such as Great Clips and Sport Clips.

Benefits of the program:

  • Gain knowledge of Google seraches that drive salon traffic
  • Drive more salon visits through paid serach traffic
  • Future state: Google may require these beacons to show up higher in organic map searches
  • We will share any learnings from the pilot with you after it concludes

Although not all Cost Cutters salons will be involved, Google has targeted a majority of salons for participation. Starting next week and continuing for the next few months, a Google representitive may come to your salon asking to install a beacon in a public area out of the way from guests. This installation will only take about 30 minutes and should not interrupt salon operations.

This pilot is a great opportunity to strengthen Cost Cutters relationship with Google as well as hopefully gain valuable insights about how best to drive traffic to our salons. Thank you in advance for your support of this pilot.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact

Google Beacon Letter

Google Beacon Power Point